Botswana is an African success story. After achieving democratic rule in 1966, three of the world’s richest diamond-bearing formations were discovered within its borders. Today, the country enjoys a high standard of economic stability, education and health care, which, with the exception of South Africa, is unequalled elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. However, its modern veneer belies the fact that much of it remains a country for the intrepid (not to mention relatively wealthy) traveller. This largely roadless wilderness of vast spaces requires time, effort and, above all else, lots of cash to enjoy it to its fullest.
60th in world best countries for business
Botswana is ranked at 60th in the world best countries for business, according to a list published by an American magazine...
Must-See places in Botswana
Chobe National Park
The Chobe National Park is located in Botswana’s North West District, with the Chobe River forming the Park’s northern border...
Ngoma Safari Lodge
Situated in northern Chobe, Botswana, within the Chobe Forest Reserve. Ngoma Safari Lodge is 55 km from Kasane, and 135 km from the magnificent Natural Wonder of Victoria Falls.