Zimbabwe continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite a power-sharing government headed by Robert Mugabe and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai that pledged to improve the lives of Zimbabweans the country still faces a mammoth task consistently frustrated by political infighting. Even though the economy has slowly improved from it's worst nadir, millions are still dependent on food aid and disease outbreaks only compound the situation. But behind the grim data lies one of southern Africa’s most beautiful countries. And despite being forced to sacrifice so much, Zimbabweans have not lost their humour or resolve. With so few visiting the country, those who do can expect royal treatment. They need you.
What Is Gospel Music?
The subject of what constitutes or defines gospel music is one that attracts a lot of debate...
Must-See places in Zimbabwe
Hwange National Park
Hwange National Park is one of Africa’s finest havens for wildlife and is home to vast herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra and has a very large concentration of giraffe...
Elephant’s Eye
The best Zimbabwe has to offer, the Elephant’s Eye, Hwange Lodge presents an unforgettable experience with African wildlife in an intimate and welcoming setting.